Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Convention Game Rules part 1

First in the Convention Game Series

Spirit of the convention Game
FFoS is not a war game in the sense of sailing around just shooting each other and sinking ships. It happens but rarely does it lead to any substantial points scored by a blood thirsty player. Piracy isn’t warfare; it’s economic. Simply put, a balance of evaluating risk versus reward and seeking opportunity. In the end gold & titles are the only things that matter for winning.   

There is no limit on the size or shape of the set up for Fist full of Seamen convention game. We currently run a primary ocean board consisting of three 24ft by 8ft tables that total 576 square ft. These contain three primary island colonies consisting of the Dutch, French, and English trading ports. Other smaller Islands about the table contain various encounters and disrupt navigation around the board. Surrounding that table are location that can be reached by meeting other conditions such as knowing the location of the secret Pirate port or having the map to the Lost Mayan Temple on Adventure Island. If you’re building your own map scale and terrain are your choice.

Navigation, Board edges, & Board perimeter.

On the diagram below you will see the area between the tables is marked with Blue arrows. For the movement of the ships the area between those tables is nonexistent and should be treated as if no gap were there. When a ship crosses the gap, even if it doesn’t have not enough movement for it to securely be placed on the new table, adjust the ship so the hull is completely on the new table it occupies.  

Leaving the board

The areas outlined in red are the board perimeter. Some ships treat these borders differently.
Unless specified by your ship’s crew type, when you leave the board at one of these areas you end up at the Cannibal Island board. Once there you may interact with the Cannibals, depending on the Cannibal player's mood could be quite dangerous. To leave the cannibal board you must sail the length of the board to appear at your last point of exit from the main board.
Cannibal Island  is a good reason why guys don't stop for directions.
Pirates may leave the board from the perimeter and choose between visiting the Cannibal Island or making port at the Pirate Island board.  Once at the Pirate board they are required to pay a gold to port and then take two port actions. Anyone not paying tribute to the Pirate Island may be fired on by the Islands cannons at the GM’s discretion. Nonpaying players can take no port actions. But must remain for one movement plot before leaving the board.
The Merry Caye, home of the Pirate Governor provides a safe port of call for the exchange of illegally seized goods.

Cannibals may exit all red perimeter areas and appear back at the Cannibal Island or the Pirate Island.  The canoes must remain there for a movement plot before they can leave. Cannibals don’t have to pay to make port at the pirate island and the GM at the pirate Island is not required to let them port.

Ghost Ship may never enter a harbor area and if it leaves the board on a perimeter area it reappears back at its starting Location. It can’t travel to any off the main table locations such as cannibal, Adventure or Pirate Island.
The Petite Mort roams the high Seas searching to capture the souls of the Naughty. 

Smugglers may travel off the perimeter areas as the pirates do but are never required to pay tribute to make port at the pirate island. Each time a Smuggler moves to Pirate Island he must remain for a single movement plot before leaving.   

Entering Harbors

Port Manteau is the Rum Capital of the Caribbean.
To enter a harbor the attention of the GM running the port must recognize your request and allow you in to make a port action. This includes attacking the town and Sneaking into town. Once a player is in the port as long as he isn’t in hostilities with the governor or another ship, the governor will see to your request at his given opportunity. The Governor is not required to see anyone in any particular order or at all for that matter. This may require you to wait through a turn or two.More on Port Actions Later.

Entering Special Locations

Great wealth and riches are rumored to be in this lost Mayan temple.
Some places like Adventure Island are only accessible by collecting Rumor Cards to reveal its location. When you have collected the necessary requirements the captain must sail to the nearest board perimeter and contact a GM for passage. A GM will run a private game for you in a location not accessible by the other players. Any ships you want to make the journey with must make the voyage when you do at the same point of departure. 
One rule stands firm for all ships; when entering the main board from off board the bow of your ship must be pointed perpendicular to the edge you entered from. NO Surprise BROADSIDES!

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