Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Convention Rules Part 7, Smugglers

The Pinnace Enya
The Sloop E. Seconds

The Pinnace Envy
The Sloop D'Jour

The smugglers sell ill-gott'n goods to the Colonial Governors that they buy from Pirates and the pirate Governor. Their main ability is that they can pass from any board perimeter to the pirate island and after a turn (two port actions) can return to any board perimeter they choose. 
It is required that smuggler's ships be small (no larger than 12 inches for 28mm games.)
1) Any one you come in contact with can kill you! unless you really feel lucky avoid all players except trading with the governors and occasionally Pirates when your not laden with the profit of your own fencing.
2) Always sneak into town if possible. There is a good chance someone will be wise to your money and jump you in town or turn you in to the Navy. 
3) Stay away from the center board and main shipping routes. Merchants, Navy, the ghost ship, Cannibals and the Kraken will make a quick meal of you. 
4) Buy rumor cards! you may just hit extra swag, more valuable cargo or a chance at adventure Island. 
5) When your not smuggling do legit trade.  
6) your boats profile is almost impossible to hit at all but close range.
7) The two worst boats in the game the Spanish smugglers are immune to the Spanish War Ship. (well technically) 
8) Bury gold and buy land grants at every given opportunity. never get caught with gold. 

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