Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Documenting progress,

Lost Island Falls.
I placed a micro humidifier behind the falls to make a mist effect for the water fall.

The Port Cullis
Still waiting for some of the washes to dry the Dutch trade outpost is almost done. Mostly needing detail work, I posted these for the followers that are wondering where to trade cargo in the upcoming game.
Stopping for sleep, 96hours until "P" day.

The Brute Alley Tea House. , whipping you up a good hot drink to stave off the cold.
Try the pound cake.

nearly done on the lost Mayan Adventure. Weird part is it's really not even that important to the rest of the game. Just a side adventure for those who want to venture over there. the pictures stink because I only used an iphone to grab them. better photos later when it is finished.

Yea he can't tie one stink'n knot but man he can climb ratlin's

A busy Saturday.

Lost Mayan Temple.
This is a combined effort project by Steve Hobbs and myself. Steve built the Island from foam and a compound by the Foam Factory website that puts a hard shell over the structure. He also built the bridge. I'm the waterfall builder and I am currently working on the forests.

Markers for the Pirate game......

This post is just documenting the progress of the game board for Fist Full of Seamen. Official posts later. Most of the buildings were pre-fab with the exception of the Caribbean Buildings from Brigade Games and Games of War .

French port day 1

French port day 1

Port Manteau day 1
Day 1

Jungle View of Church
French port Day 2

Port Manteau Day 2

Day 2 both ports

Flocking Around the Clock (day 3)

More Flocking Pictures (day 3)

Flock this Place I'm Going to bed. (day 3)

Next on Survivor Cannibal Island

Someone had a Spaniard over for dinner.
Idol time
Neolithic Lawn ornament

Going out for dinner.