Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fifteen Miniatures on a Lead Man's Chest (Boarder Wars)

Here thar' be pirates.
Kansas city saw the first run of the game I've been putting together for over a year now. The whole project is only about a third done, lacking still several ships and two more boards of equal size. One man's ambition is another man's madness. For size comparison next to this 1500mm pirate is the game-board stretching out a meager 28ft by 8ft. This sounds like an absurd adjective for size but a 26 inch long Ship of the line needs a lot of room to grove.

Land-lubbers about to get their feet wet. Some more than others.

The Pirate's Code isn't a complex mater but it does take a bit of explaining from Mr. Christian.

Strangely in both encounters the British Ship of the line fared poorly to the French frigate.

The lone inhabitant on this deserted isle is Salty Al, a saltwater American crocodile. He enjoys long strolls along the beach, the sound of the surf, mixers with the natives, puppies or anything else unlucky enough to wash up on shore.

Galleon Beach is little more than a sand bar but the pilfered wreckage of a Spanish trade ship serves as a warning to those who misjudge its merciless reefs.


Port Manteau

Rogues' Gallery of our Brethren of the Coast
(Dressing the part)

Prize WinnersA prize vessel from Old Glory Shipyards was awarded to the most Successful player, the captain of the French Frigate who used a burning schooner to ignite the British ship of the line.

"The BBopp Award"
The unluckiest captain by popular vote was awarded a 5th of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum and a set of pink child floaties after having his merchant ship taken as a prize by pirates. Left adrift on the damaged pirate sloop where upon rowing to a pygmy savage infested island his remaining crew recovered a lost Inca treasure. After loading it into the longboat his remaining crew were eaten by Cannibals. Alone the Captain in the longboat pulled for the closest French port. Just yards from shore he was intercepted by cutthroat smugglers where he was challenged to an honor duel for the treasure. Consequently both combatants were Mortally wounded. The crew now without leadership mutinied and left with the treasure never to be seen again.

Honorable mention
This young entrepreneur received the Capt. Jack award for opening a catering service for the local cannibals.

Credit where Credit be owed
Camera Work: Robert Steve Hobbs
Location provided By HMGS-HA (Border Wars) Organizer:Brian Beale
Transportation and logistics: Grady"Caisson" West
Assembly, movers, assistant plot developers and Island inhabitants: Shelby"Shanghai"West, Brian"Broadside"Bopp, Cody " Cannonade" Dillon.
Press Ganged into service for last minute painting:
Sherron"What the hell is dry brushing?" Christian
Carrol " I call it Art!" Tuttle,
Tim "They Call me Tim" McCollum
Matt "Beat to Quarters" Rose
Alex "14 shades of Brown" McDonald

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

La Petite Mort

La Petite Mort
(By Steve Hobbs)

Crew spun legends of the Flying Dutchman, the fanciful tails told to new swabs to keep them spry on watch in the small hours of the morning are common place but few sailors know the real horrors that roam the Caribbean nights. Mentioned in hexes and whispers by only the saltiest of sea rovers, The La Petite Mort is enough to make a tea toting Puritan turn to the bottle. A cold sweat, a quiver down the spine and a cry in the night for the Almighty are the last things a sailor may ever experience.