Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Magnetic Ratlines.

Occasionally I get a "How did ya'" letter from one of the blog readers. Today I put together a bit of a step by step and I hope I did the question's answer justice. After I looked at the diagram I sent, I thought I would share with any others who might be interested.
I originally had this idea that I could keep a tally on minimal crew by having the rigging climbers act as hit points of the ship. It never made it past the original cut of the rules, but it is nice to be able to remove rigging climbers for transport. 


What you need:

Old Glory http://www.oldglory25s.com/view_product.php?product=RIG-03

Black coated jewelry wire (steel alloy if you want to magnetize your rigging climbers)
Tiny square dowels in varying sizes, (pine not balsa, they may call it base wood)

a pin vice and a bit smaller than your square dowels
Some old twine, or wax string.

CA glue and accelerator helps.

Tiny rare earth magnet disks for the bellies of your climbers.