Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Monday, April 16, 2012

More Pictures from Recruits 2012

Spring Recruits 2012 pictures from the Gallery. The Photographer did such a great job I wanted to show them off.

White Meat is much Healthier.
There is too much Squid in the Sushi
Only once has there been a more Reached hive of scum and Villainy, But our heroes shoot first.
This is what it looks like when you use different scale Pirates in your game.
That Ship wont Float.
I think it was a French film, It was shot at strange angles and every one seemed tragically Parisian.
The Dutch, stacking more paper than Gutenberg
SEND IN THE CANNIBALS! (always worked on Johnny Quest)
Safe anchorage.
Aft Quarter, Titan Uranus

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fleet Week.

Several requests have been sent to me for pictures of all the ships in one picture. Finding a place for that to be shot presents two challenges. One the space the ships take up in continuity. the second the loss of detail from the wide agle of the shot. We set these up durring the clean up at Recruits to give the audience a glimpse at the fleet.

The Old Glory Foam Kits.

Front to back: Old Glory Ghost ship, Galleon from Hand Crafted Model Ships, East Indiamen, Frigate and Pirate hunter from Old Glory

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Recruits 2012 "Hoist the Colors!"

16 Miniatures on a Lead Man's Chest
650 square ft. of Caribbean Mayhem.

The Dutch Port Culis

The Dutch Trading Post Port Culis has really increased security since the trouble with Pirates in the region has increased. Odd not a shot was fired in anger this go around.


Under the Iron fist of the French Monarchy the Fregate Marseilles keeps close watch over her interests.

The French Take formations seriously.

The Harbor from the deck of a passing Galleon, under new management.

Port Manteau
Off the Coast of the British Colony

A pirate's life sometimes leads to a Pirate's death no mater how jolly the song is.

The Markets of Port Manteau can be a Slavers' gold mine when the cain harvest is drawing near.

"Merry Caye"
The Pirates Hide away

The Merry Caye is our latest addition to our 28mm Caribbean pirate landscape.
It's location is a well kept secret from all but the brethren and of course, their smuggler acquaintances.

The elected Pirate Mayor holds a precarious position over his subjects with bribes, extortion and a pair of ruthless assassins.

Smugglers at the dock.

Ben Gun's Cave, a local tavern servers up Rum and whatever else a pirate could quench his thirst with, as long as it's Rum.

Blind Man's Bluff is a remarkable geological formation and a favored hiding spot for Pirates in port.

The Elk Hunt off the coast of Merry Caye

Lost Temple of the Mayans

The Lost Mayan Treasure still remains well lost. Many of adventure ended badly for several daring players. Puma, Giant Condor, Savages, salt water croc's and ancient curses consumed more daring men than Madonna.

Giant Condor

Where ever the Mayans went they had no need for gold...

The Kraken? There's no such thing! right????
Kraken Attacks!

More on the Kraken here:
(Thank you Robert Watson for your help getting this to me before the con.)

The Seas boil with activity....

The Treacherous crew of the "Cyprinidae"

The central table added quite a bit of maneuver room in this game.

Scalawags and ner' do wells
Mr. Cristian and the Ship's surgeon "Suture" Williams.

Our VIP Guest from Laser Dream Works, Matthew Green. Matthew was Most generous in his donation of a yet unreleased ship perfect for our Bonus prize. Seen below..

This ship one of his new designs will be in production soon.

Luke and Thor....

David "First Mate" Hobbs and Zack "Xebec" Daley
Zack and Cody "Keeper of the Code" Dillion

Our Prize Winners!
Claiming the Hefty treasure from the Spanish galleon this crafty pirate spent three hours after his plundering hiding at "Merry Caye" drinking and carousing. "PIRATE!"
His Booty? Old Glory provided him with Crew, a Ship and Captain to set a true course.

Most Honor in the name of the crown:
Most Illustrious Naval Career is rewarded to the French Frigate Captain that was lucky enough to have the War of Spanish Succession erupt as he was crossing the "T"on the British Ship of the line. He will be enjoying the spoils of a 15mm crew, ship and characters from both Blue-Moon and Old Glory.
Worst Career (Best Story):
Our favorite prize every year is worst career. Given to these two fine gentlemen who had us Laughing, crying and cheering on their misadventure. Their British merchant filled with rum set off to sell and trade. When they arrived at their first port at the start of the Anglo-Dutch War they were redirected by a politicly charged cannon barrage from the Governor. Denied harbor they set off to the French port to be jumped by the Ghost ship and the Kraken consecutively. Arriving at the French Port the Plague broke out closing the harbor. Desperate for repairs they set off to galleon beach to consult the local shipwright. In route the crew was wiped out by cannibals and the hero's narrowly escaped in a long boat. At galleon beach they recruited a few vagrants to crew the ship only to find on the way back two pirate ships racing each other for their drifting prize. Pulling hard at the oars they managed to clammer on board claim their own ship before being boarded and dropped canvas. As one pirate ship peppered them with cannon fire the other rammed them. Left again with two hero's and no crew they returned fire till the ship beached. Left with nothing more than a few casks of rum left by the pirates they opened a cabana bar in the wreckage of their own ship.

Their prize Several special old glory character figures, a bag of rowdy Lady Pirates and a box of Captain Crunch!
Now our normal Pirate prize a bottle of Captain Morgan's Rum was off limits due to our immediate location in a Public High School. They'll have to collect that later from the crew.

Bonus Prize:
Captain Van Pelt will be adding this ship to his ever growing fleet. Thanks to Laser Dream Works for this amazing Model. Captain Van Pelt and his band of marauders took the Spanish Treasure Galleon By the aft and forced her to strike her colors. Thanks Laser Dream Works!

Credit owed is credit granted.

Gracious Hosts at
Lee's Summit High School (LSHS)
Duane Fleck and Nick Wilkowski
Creator: Scott "Mutiny! Mr."Christian
Set Design, Photography and Video Production: Steve "Quarter Master" Hobbs
Rule clarification and assistant GM: Cody "Keeper of the Code" Dillon
Assistant Game masters:
Zack "Xebec" Daley
David "Belay that" Hobbs
Logistics: Tim"Carpenter" McCollum
ALex"Burn it to the waterline" McDonald

Costumes by Sherron"Don't you have enough barrels painted?!?" Christian
Pirate Art Work By Stacy "Paintchik" Klinger
Special thanks to Laura the bearer cheese cake and to Powder Monkey.

Special Guests:
Mike "Bring Your A Game" Williams
Matt"Shipwright" Green
Darby"FNG" Ekles
Generous Prizes Provided by :
Old Glory 25's