Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring Recruits

Lee's Summit, Missouri  

April 6th, 2013

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The Golden Age of Piracy is drawing to a close and the grandest pirate game in North America is beckoning all scalawags to stand before the mast or swing at the gallows. Mr. Christian and the Mutineers proudly present the final installment in the “Fist Full of Seamen” story: “No Noose is Good Noose” or “Loyalty is a Four Letter of Marque Word. “ The Year is 1702 and while wars rage in Europe the loyal governors of the Caribbean are committing no unnecessary loses to the effort that may draw attention to them from the royal courts back home. Drop Sail and weigh anchor in this colossal game of Hollywood piracy. Raid, trade, and, cannonade your way around this 700 SQ. FT. board collecting gold and infamy from a dozen Island locations. Beware! Ruthless Cannibals, a terrifying ghost ship and even the legendary Kraken stand ready to consume your crew and drag you to the depths. We will provide enough ships and crew for 21 captains to set sail on the high seas. Captains must be of Legal driving age to pilot one of our ships. The under 16 crowd will be provided characters to influence the battles and adventure around the map in search of fame and fortune. Anyone that wishes to bring their own crew and ship are encouraged to do so as it guarantees a place in the game as long as it fits into the gaming genera and or is approved by our Game Masters. Please contact us by March 15th of 2013 for a list materials you need if bringing your own ship and an official log sheet for the game.

This will be the last game at Recruits for the foreseeable future. Our club is in development of several other huge games to present at this fine event. If any other conventions are interested in our club presenting a colossal pirate game please feel free to contact us through my blog profile Email link.