Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Recruits! 2012 and here we go!

Each time we have the pleasure of running this game at Recruits we are only lucky enough to know a few of the stories of the 50 some odd players that participate. I encourage anyone who can pass on a good story to us to feel free to comment on the blog or email me. Below are some choice pictures of the 1100 that were donated to us by our friend Steve Hobbs who made record of the event.  

I have a British Accent; I wasn't requesting oars. I wanted....

"So you marooned a French Naval Captain on a cannibal island after abandoning his majesty's frigate a drift and now you're back here and surprised I have a warrant for your arrest?" 

John-Mark at the Helm

"Nope that's a Harlot, common mistake."

Kayla on watch. 
"Anybody know why they call it the Poop Deck?"
Heading check, windspeed check, Souls of the Damned check...

The Pirates

Dutch? Sure, how can I be of service? 
Where is the tourist bureau for this town?

"No, it says here if you're a pirate I can hang you.." 

"I am the very model of a modern major general..."

"Spanish Galleon eh? Wonder which one of these guys I offended?"
"The Kraken looks a little green. You think it's well?"

"No really, how tough could a cannibal chieftain's body guard be?" 
"Can I call you back I'm repelling boarders?"

"What was I thinking when I wrote that?" 

" You can't catch the plague that way." 

"Just Kidding.."
"If I could buy rum that cheap this would be a real party" 
You've Been Served, Diary of a Cannibal Chieftain  

Your ad said: Privateers Wanted,highly motivated self starters looking for capital liquidation in a fluid market. Previous plundering a plus, must have sea worthy vessel, optional 401k , no dental.

The British Government would love to hire you but there is a 600 year old outstanding warrant for your crew's arrest. Impressive resume by the way.

"Spanish Galleon now the kraken, yup somebody has it in for me"
"You got us all wrong, we're pirates but more like the ones from Pittsburg. We even have a t-shirt cannon." 


"Please tell me you brought the flask..." 
"and now you walk the plank.."

"I'll punch the next Jack-@$$ that drops a fake doubloon in my bodice!" 


"This game isn't fair. No one is following the same rules,I've heard clarification after clarification. It's the best simulation  of the federal government I've ever seen." 

I'm too well dressed to die of the plague!
Yes, trying to assassinate me will get you arrested.

"yes I think that means your crews dead dear.." 

"You watch yourself ese.."


"Cross the "T", dot the "i" and slap an "SH" in fount of it."

"Yes Florida, it's where you live and the car is leaving Robert. You can't play pirate anymore."

"Note to self, when asking your husband to role play be more specific." 

"Ambush Alley Games"

Yes I'm the vice Governor. 
Owner of Laser Dreamworks 
"Stupid Doldrums card."

laissez-faire....French for "I'm Broke dude."  

"I just do this for the chicks."

"and then I said to her I don't have a peg leg....."

Winner of the best Career a man we only know as "Bill" took home a handsome vessel from Old Glory 25's
Bill was assigned to the Spanish treasure galleon and tasked to navigate the war-torn and pirate infested Caribbean between him and the open Atlantic. With little room to maneuver and a Kraken being dragged along caught in his rudder, he managed to slip past two nations' naval patrols and the unexplainable accuracy of the Dutch shore batteries. Congratulations from Our crew and thank you to Old Glory!  

Bernard claims Honorable mention and a fist full of seamen as his prize. About 1/2 a dozen 25mm pirates complements of Old Glory 25's. His score only trailed the top contender by a few points. Smuggling can be a rich enterprise in the midst of a war. He holds the record for highest points claimed by a smuggler.

The Glory in Service to the crown goes to this young Captain of the twice lost french Frigate and capturer of a slightly used treasonous privateer who fell to his boarding action cleverly timed as his ship was sinking. For a colorful career He received an Old Glory Brigantine.    

Worst Career goes to this disastrous duo who's efforts to discover the Lost Mayan temple lead them to Cannibal Island where they managed to get the entire crew of the French Frigate eaten by the local inhabitants. After marooning their captain on the Island to be eaten they escaped on to the open ocean in a canoe. Finding themselves unable to make port in the French held territory for acts of treason against the crown they paddled many turns dodging Kraken and ghost ship to the English port.After raising a ruckus at the English docks they met a gruesome end as it was reported to me that 37 muskets misfired simultaneously at the pier.For their Misdeeds they each received our traditional Old Glory "Broken Pirate"
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