Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Monday, September 3, 2012

ST. Mary's Caye AKA: The Merry Caye

In preparation for Recruits we've been working on improving the Terrain this year rather than expanding it. The Merry Caye has had many new features added below are some of the pictures. There is still more work to be done.

The More or less uncharted Isle of the Merry Caye was first discovered by the Portuguese Navigator, Captain Dominic Antigua who ran his Caravel on a reef just off shore. To his fortune he discovered a fresh water spring and provisions enough to make his more notable and consequently last discovery, the Cannibal tribe inhabiting the Islands due south.

Above the Fair Well, the only free resource decreed by the pirates code on the Island and the charge of the Elected Mayor. Barrels are sold at a premium.

Battery Cliff acts as a formidable defense and a fresh supply of Fruit bat guano from Ben Gunn's cave makes black powder readily available.

Blind Man's Bluff makes a fantastic harbor for Pirates as many warships could scarcely squeeze into her narrow channels. The complexity of the concourse into town from the docks including ratlins, a rope bridge, board walks and a snake infested jungle keep attacks on the island at a minimum. Most contraband and cargo are exchanged under the Guns of the elected mayor and transferred to smugglers on the docks for resale.

The Battery keeps business deals between buccaneers and smugglers civil.

A local Fishermen


  1. A genial heavenly haven, and a marvel to see.

  2. FYI looks great / but only 4 of your pics enlarged out of all of the ones in this sequence. Cheers V

  3. Tis a fine cove! I particularly like the use of the mast and rat lines as a look out tower!