Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Recruits 2012 (Stage and Cast)

This shot was taken before the game started we were graciously provided a large secluded room by the staff at Recruits to become as rowdy as we deemed necessary. Each Year Duane Fleck and Nick Wilkowski provide us the best in accommodations for a game of this size.

6 hours, 51 people, 26 ships, 9 tropical Islands and 700 sq.FT of the most Swashbuckling action The Midwest can offer. It can only be another exhibition of "Fist Full of Seamen"

The Powers of the Caribbean 
The British Empire
Port Manteau

British Governor Daily

Definition of a good friend 

The French Empire

Governor Dillen

The Dutch East India Co.


Proctor Van Williams


Brethren of the Coast
The Merry Caye
The Pirate Elect Mayor Haase

Islands Of the Caribbean 

Galleon Beach, The Ship Wreck Island or The Ship O'Fools.

Marque Mad Man McCollum Master Shipwright on Galleon Beach.

Cannibal Island

Big Chief Kulhua-Lua-Kolb

The Lost Island of the Mayan 
Adventure Island
Mr.Christian Kraken Keeper and Adventure Island Guide

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