Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Convention Game Rules Part 3

 Points and winning the game.

A majority of the players with a few exceptions are working to gain land grants in the new world to become nobles. These include merchants, smugglers, naval captains and Pirate hunters. Land grant cards are purchased from any governor at a rate of 1 gold coin per acre. They range in value from 200 to 1000 acres. These cards can’t be discounted or granted without equal payment to the crown. 

Land Grants in the colonies range from 200 to 1000 Acres.

 Naval captains instead of gold receive honor points from their Governor for each naval victory they achieve. These are simply colored glass beads given from the governor in his color. Naval victory points are equal to the point value of the ship or town they capture or destroy. Remember firing on a non-combatant or neutral ship will have you hung for disobeying orders and inciting an international conflict. To figure out victory points, Total up the pips on the record sheet used to mark skill and damage on each ship for this total. Another way to gain points is to bring to justice a smuggler or Pirate by capturing them and bringing them to the Governor’s port for trial (alive). 100 points for a Pirate per skill level are awarded and 10 points per smuggler per skill level. After trial the Governor is allowed to ransom them, Hang them, Pardon or put them in prison till they are busted out or escape. The point value of the ship is also added.

Naval Careers are hard to win but man the ships are cool and 18th century chicks like the uniform.
 For the Ghost ship each time they kill a crew member of a another ship they gain a new crew member. There is no upper limit and the ship becomes more deadly as it successfully captures souls. Each soul is worth one point and totaled at the end of the game. One note the Ghost ship will not attack Cannibals. They don’t have souls, or at least Christian souls to capture, so are immune to ghosts. 

"Le Petit Mort" roams the board searching for the souls of the damned.

The Cannibals capture sailors to eat, or anyone else they can find. Each time they capture 6 sailors they have a feast and gain 6 points. If the captured sailors, or the remainder after a feast is 5 or less they remain and can be rescued by other players’ ships. We have marker tokens of skull piles to represent scoring. Cannibals can’t attack and eat Ghosts from the Ghost ship. They are not filling enough to bother with. 
The Cannibals leaving their tropic Ilse to pick up a quick bite to eat. 
 Pirates score points by burring treasure Robert Louis Stevenson style. Coins are turned in at the Pirate Island to the GM and he returns to the Pirate a Buried treasure card. They come in 250 point increments only.      

Buried treasure cards only come in lots of 250.

Winning is simply comparing points at the end of the game. Traditionally we award the player with the most points the winner of the game. However we also have a worst/unluckiest carrier award and last but not least the Game master’s choice award. The unluckiest player is elected by player vote after telling the tail of their miserable exploits and misadventures. The Gm’s choice is a collaborative choice on which player’s follies entertained the game masters the most.   

The difference between being marooned and having your own private Island is a matter of perspective.

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