Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Campaign Rules Part 6 The Royal Navies

Frigate Marseilles 
Rood Dijk
HMS Titan Uranus

 Navy Commanders

The basic job of the war ships on the board is to bring Pirates and smugglers to justice in times of peace and dispatch with extreme predigest hostile war ships, capture ports and seize merchants in times of War. It sounds blood thirsty but it's a difficult way to earn points in a twenty round game. We know it so you have the most ridiculous ships on the table. 

1) In Peace time, patrol the areas along the board side but remain at max range from the perimeter edge. Remember by quantity of guns alone you have better odds of hitting ships coming on the board than others do you. 
 2) In a pinch use Cannibal Island as a fast turn around. Cannibals don't generally attack a war ship. 
3) It's always better to capture than destroy. Killing a Pirate or smuggler means you can't capture them twice for points.
4) the Spanish are always your enemy. How ever taking on both the treasure galleon and War galleon is a deadly threat for any one ship. 
5) Pointing your bow or stern to a board edge is a good way to have a small ship sink you with a Rake. 
6) Sacking a town in a time of war should be coincided. Most war ships are very capable of taking a town. 
7) all repairs are free in your home port, always remain in the best working order. 

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