Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

convention Rules 11, The Pirates

The Naughty Lass

The Schooner Orator

Les Bien Hores

The Elk Hunt

 The primary attraction to the time period, playing a pirate isn’t as care free as you may think. Pirates really have the odds stacked against them, limited safe harbors for repairs and trading, smaller ships, generally under-gunned, and the deadliest ships on the board are hunting you down. The actions of a good pirate captain are counter intuitive to the people who for the most part want to play them. The first thing that most pirate players want is to shoot a ship full of holes, kill everyone on board and steal everything they can. I only speculate this is the result of the societal conformity repression. This is short sited and bad for the long game strategy. If you leave a ship adrift, take all their money and goods, that ship is now effectively out of the game. Meaning it’s no longer a viable source of income in the turns to come. Simply robbing them by grappling, negotiating with the other captain for a mutually amicable settlement will allow the merchant to continue operations as future prey.
Pirates have one advantage over the law abiding ships, the ability to leave the perimeter and travel to the secret pirate island. After two port actions, they may choose to return to any other perimeter location.

1)      Allow the merchant ships to make some money before you attack them, wait at Pirate Island till they leave their first stop on the trade triangle. They should have a good trove of goods and treasure.
2)      Never leave a Merchant completely gold or cargo-less, if they have no means to continue their voyage they are left with no other occupation except hunting you down.
3)      If a naval ship is within 36 inches run for a perimeter.
4)      Dutch merchants are armed like warships.
5)      Shallow water is your friend, use Island shallows to mire larger ships.
6)      Merchant Convoy’s should only be attacked from the rear.  
7)      If the occasion arises that you need to threaten a War ship do it in numbers and rake.
8)      If you can trade with smugglers directly do so, it cuts out the pirate governor as a middle man.  
9)      You can deal directly with the colonial governor if you successfully sneak into port and out again.
10)   Pirates have the same goal, enemies, and difficulties. Never assume you are on the same side as your fellow pirates even when you are working together.
11)   If your ship is farther than two moves from a perimeter side you are in some considerable danger of being cut off from escape. \

The Heraclitus is a Barbary Xebec 

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