Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Convention Rules part 10, The Spanish Treasure fleet.

Spanish Treasure Galleon

 The Spanish Treasure Galleon is Hauling a 1000 points in Gold and is struggling against the prevailing wind to make it from the corner of the board to the opposing side. There it can escape to the Atlantic Ocean. If it does the captain is awarded 1000 acres in the new world. This heavily armed treasure galleon is no match for a war-ship but if it is clever it can slip away to freedom.

1) Never start into the wind, which is the way you have to go. Start pointed at the french Island. If you zig-zag you will move faster tacking across the tables.  
2) Never be afraid of boarding, you have a bunch of marines and sailors.
3) Blast anyone you see as a threat. 
4) You have no safe harbor for repairs so keep moving. 
5) Unless you capture other ships and take gold you will only ever have 1000 points, so kill anyone you suspect of being richer if the opportunity arises. Don't seek it out. 

 Spanish Man o' War

The Titicaca   
As the Spanish War Ship your captain feels it is his moral obligation to return the Caribbean to its divinely chosen original owners, The Catholics. And not those iffy French Catholics! Your half crazed mission is to engage and destroy all non-catholic ships, merchant, pirate, ghosts, cannibal, and those trespassing Protestants warships. If a port gets sacked divine judgement has spoken.  That Treasure galleon is important to Spain, Si but you have a cephalic induced higher purpose.
1) you really aren't worried about politics, you just want to sink everyone but the Spanish and Portuguese. 
2) You have no home port but reestablishing any other port as a loyal Spanish colony is a good start.
3) Your ship has devastating firepower out to 36 inches. It maneuvers like a bath tub. Watch for raking. 
4) Don't turn into the wind, unless you have no other choice.
5) Use Cannibal Island as a turnaround if you need to.   
6) As a crazed religious zealot gold means little to you so sinking stuff is your only option for honor.    

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