Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Convention rules Part 8, Cannibals and Ghost Ship


To Play the cannibals you have to be a bit twisted, To win with the cannibals you have to be down right warped. The cannibals aren't easy to play but their goal is down right simple. Eat every one they can on the board. Civilians, slaves, sailors, town militia, if it's on two feet it's points to be collected.
(being ADA compliant this includes peg-legs.)

1) always attack in Numbers.
2) If attacking a port,  by sneaking first and sneaking out you can capture people without loosing   your natives.
3) Never attack a navy ship or one with swivel guns. 
4) Attack ships in conflict or leaving conflict. less resistance. 
5) talk to the captains when you attack, see if they will give you sailors or slaves to just go away. 
6) team up with the ghost ship. Combined attacks allow you both points.
7) attack from the stern or bow to avoid firing arcs. 
8) Order out for delivery. trade captured treasure for slaves or captives from Pirates or unscrupulous captains. 

Ghost Ship
The Ghost ship is a unique ship that collects souls of men killed at sea. It does this by shooting or boarding other vessels, sinking the entire ship also counts. Every time a target ship has a man killed it becomes a crewmen of the ghost ship. As the crew increases the more powerful the ship becomes. There is no limit to the amount of damned souls on board. The ghost ship takes damage as a normal ship and crew for the sake of game mechanics.
1) the Ghost ship if it sails into a non permitted zone (harbor, Island, or off the perimeter) appears back at the Skull Rock, its starting point. This can be used to teleport away from danger and to pounce on unsuspecting victims. 
2) Sinking a ship will claim the lives of all the crew. 
3) Never take on a warship when your crew is less than 90 ghosts. After that just board anyone you come across. 
4) take on little ships and fire at long range on any ship that cant come to bear guns on you. Ever soul of the damned is a point.
5)Repair your ship with the dead crew members. 6 pips of crew repairs 6 pips of ship sails, cannon, or ship hull. 
6) the cannibals are good allies because combined attacks earn you equal points. 
7) slave ships give you points from cargo, 6 per small cargo, 18 per large cargo counter. 
8) WARNING! Priests can make you disappear from your current location and reappear at the Skull Rock.      


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