Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Convention Rules Part 4

The Economy

The FFoS convention event is based on the historical trade triangle of the West Indies. Slaves are traded to sugar-cane plantations, the plantation sells rum to Europe and Europe sends Goods back to the Caribbean. For anyone completely put off by 28mm slavery…replace your counters at home with, tobacco, indigo or Bananas and are advised to avoid most 18th and 19th century literature.    

Each merchant vessel is given either a hold full of goods or coins for the initial investment of cargo from their home port. The markets in the next location along the triangle pay a significant mark up from the cost of the merchant’s initial purchase. From the profits the merchant refills his hold with local goods and continues the circuit. As long as the Merchant maintains enough gold to refill his hold after purchasing land titles or being attacked by Pirates his career may continue. If a merchant or smuggler is without gold other means of income must be found to advance their score. 

Goods come in two sizes, small units’ occupying 2 cargo space points and large units’ occupying 10 cargo spaces. A ship’s cargo space is calculated by measuring the hull length in inches multiplied by 2, subtract one space per cannon. If a ship has multiple decks add 1 per deck to the multiplier. The deck is defined as a level large enough to support a full gun battery from bow to stern. Not a poop-deck or forecastle.  
Example: a two deck 14 inch ship with 10 guns
14 (3) -10 = 32 cargo can be placed in the hull.   

This Massive East Indiaman at 44 Cargo points and 28 guns
Special Cargo can only be acquired at the start of the game such as opium with the Chinese Junk or the fine wine of the Portuguese merchant or can be obtained by buying rumor cards in port. Special cargo only takes up one cargo point of space on a ship.  

The Junk of Sum Yung Gui starts the game with a hold full of Opium.

Special Cargo consisted of the following Items:
1)      Fine Wine, this item comes from the Portuguese merchant vessel, The French port pays well for this cargo
2)      Musical Instruments, fetch a high price in all ports.
3)      Small Arms, the best price would be in the Pirate Island market. This also allows you to arm civilians but not cannibals.
4)      Spice, sells well in most markets.
5)      Gun Powder, fetches a lower price but makes a 10 dice explosion.
6)      Opium, starts on the Chinese Junk, fetches a high price, As long as your crew has it they don’t make morale checks. If you ever sell the opium at port after being used to ignore morale checks, the entire crew must be replaced in port.
7)      Telescope (spyglass) adds 2 dice to captain’s skill when a test is called for dealing with navigation.
       8) Luxury Goods, are another high return cargo only found in the rumor deck.   

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