Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Convention Rules Part 5 The Merchants

Fluyt Cock Tail

Merchant vessels Come in a verity of sizes from the colossal east indiaman down to a small french sloop. These are the simplest ships to run and be a contending force for victory. Purchase cargo, move it to the next port, make a profit. The true competition for your success is other merchants! Pirates may board you and take goods but smart Pirates don't seize your ship or sink you. not much profit in that for the future. 
1) Sailing in a merchant convoy can make a scary target for Pirates but if your not the person being boarded run like hell! 
2) Being the first into port is much better than last. If your not the East Indiamen, don't be behind it when you make port, the amount of cargo it sells to the port can wreck the local economy and leave nothing to buy for your cargo hold.    
3) Never sail along the perimeter of the board. Pirates enter from here and can ambush you before you can fire a shot. 
4) Parley if your boarded. Pirates only have so much cargo room and showing up in port with less cargo than in a long boat is always preferable. 

5) Don't trust Pirates, Governors, the Navy or smuglers to keep thier word in negotiations. 
6) If your a small cargo ship buy rumor cards! you may just hit extra swag, more valuable cargo or a chance at adventure Island. 
7) Make sure to buy Land grants as soon as you can. Land grants can't be taken away from you unless a war breaks out. Then only from the governor that is not your home port
The Bankok
HMS Ophelia
The Brig Newton
The Salty Swallow
The Sea Cups
The Duche Doree