Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Eraje Olas

De' Eraje Olas (ay-rah’-hay o’-lahs)
Loosely translated the "Virgin Honey Waves", is a trading sloop crewed by a Portuguese and Spanish mash of rag tag mariners who's port of birth is as much a mystery to the crew as it is to those who bother to inquire. Holding their breath under the banner of Portugal an empire that has mostly been forgotten in the Caribbean, they avoid both pirate harassment and naval interdiction by looking intentionally uninteresting. For many years reports of the crew of the Eraje Olas have been in running gun battles with a corvette out of St. Jan (Danish West Indies) under the flag of Norway. Anyone who has been so inclined to understand this vendetta has been left trapped between an esoteric parable about a leaky butter churn and the stoic stare of a vikings' decedent.


  1. More great work to your excellent standard. It reminds me I must try out my airbrush on the sails of my brig...

  2. Scott,
    take pictures! I bet that is a much faster method than the stain I use......

    1. I will, my Brig has been languishing at about 90% finished for months now...