Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Brigantine "Elk Hunt"

The Brigantine "Elk Hunt" often mistaken for a Spanish merchant, has preyed on vessels of all nationalities for going on 2 years now. Her survival not accredited to bold action or bloody ferocity but her captain's passive aggressive tactic of placing the ship right where the navy wants her at the moment before they can actually doing anything about it.

The only "head" you'll ever see on the Elk Hunt.

The Elk Hunt is known to present a beutiful aft right before she turns on you.


  1. Superb! Colours are really nice!

  2. Thanks Phil but there are more pictures to come. I didn't get the masts and sails at a good angle to do them justice. I will post again tonight.


  3. Amazing as always. An inspiration for me to get going to finish my HMS Incontinent in 15mm.

  4. Wow man, that's the old glory brig...I have that model, mine is Wip with traditional 3 squares on two masts..I may have to do those fore sails...you ships are just the finest out there man..bravo!

  5. A beauty - and indeed Spanish influence is perceptible in her name :)

  6. "HMS Incontinent"
    Bravo, Chris bravo.

    You got a picture up some where for that? Like to see it.

    Great to hear from you it's been to long. Been meaning to ask if you game with the giant pirate game group in Bordeaux?

    Guys These were the test run pic's for the new back drop. I'll have some more pictures tonight and another ship.