Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Captain Morgan

Adepticon Promotional Figure 
By: Mike Owen

To some, he’s a brilliant tactician and loyal servant of the Queen. To others, he is a ruthless raider, attacking in the dead of night, up and down the Spanish Main. But while some call Captain Henry Morgan a privateer still others name him a pirate, none can argue his skill at the helm or the deadly accuracy of his guns! So whether it be out of respect or fear, Morgan’s name is spoken throughout the Caribbean in a whisper

The Captain Morgan figure will be available to each of our players at the FFoS pirate event for free at Adepticon and available in a limited quantity for purchase at the reception desk.  


  1. Hi! So glad to see you guys at Adepticon! I can't thank you guys enough for coming all the way there - it was the best miniatures game I've ever played and can't wait to build my own ship! (What are the rules for bringing my own ship to an event btw?) It was honestly just an absolute delight and everyone was a fabulous and patient teacher (even those of you who 1. blew me up -you know who you are Governer of the Dutch Isles and 2. Forced me to leave port and get shot at, damn Frenchies). It was so much fun and can't wait to play this game again! Also, what rules system do you use for your games? Thanks!!

  2. Captain Christiane,
    So glad you could play. Building your own ship is a possibility for next year but it must be approved in advanced by our ref's. Please email me for further instructions or ship modeling advice. The Rules we use are our own creation sharing the same name as this site. Fist Full of Seamen. Thanks and hope to see you next year.