Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lee's Summit high School has played gracious host for two years to my crew, our players and my obsession to build a grand game that inspires others to rethink table top gaming.  I can't thank them enough for the hospitality they have given to us even when our requests have been a little on the odd side. I would like to extend our thanks to Duane Fleck who's determination kept Recruits alive for 21 shows and encourage the new staff to keep it going for as least as long.         

I always get Questions Like" 700 square feet! why do you need that much room?" Then this happens....

Special note the cannibals played By Matt Haase ate 496 people. It's a wonder anyone was left in the Caribbean
Seasoned to the art of plunder, torture and ferocity this young couple forged a career that gave pirates a bad name. 

Commodore Gully
"Your a Vice Governor now lad! There be no more reach'n around people to get what ya want!"
French Governor Dillon, Nope never happened. Not in this port, keep sailing.  

"This guy right here! 2nd seat from the back. He's whistling and he will get the lash for his merriment"

Pirate King and Hurricane Kayla

Kenny our Sound engineer and Thor our resident Demigod

During the official grand opening of the"Governor's Knot Stable" in Port Manteau, Governor Daily had the sign painter beaten to death with a lash. The Governor was later quoted as saying" Implication! What Implication? the man has no clear understanding of grammar or spelling, and I won't have tourists laughing at my artisans." The "K" was later removed...   

Jonas pictured here with us holds an honorary title with our crew.  He has volunteered for nearly every game we have run. Thanks for your help "Powder Monkey". 

Casey and his Assassin Alex

"So what is my motivation for the part of Governor?"

 This years Best Career goes to a Father and Daughter team who's already prospering merchant career was supplemented by a fortune filled venture to find the lost temple of the Mayans. They now hold the record for the most points in a single game of 722. Generous donations were made to the families of the french navy personnel that were lost during their perilous sojourn. They received a ship purchased by our crew from Gamesofwar.net 

Seen here this first time captain of the Spanish Treasure Galleon receives his reward for successfully making his trek through Protestant infested waters to prop-up the stagnant and bloated monarchy of Spain. Congratulations on winning a donated ship from Matt of Laser Dream Works! Our Crew would like to thank Matt for his generous donation and inspiration for gallantry on the High Seas.     

Best Character career goes to the Vice Governor of Port Manteau who graphed nearly 500 gold pieces from unappreciative merchants and the coffers of the crown. Seen here in action as the Governor Daily Catches 40 winks and looses a 100 pieces of eight. Fittingly he was given a small boat and sail from Ainsty Casting and was set adrift beyond the harbor. 

Most unlucky career by popular vote goes to the captain of the Ninja Ship who's career was cut short somewhere between main course and appetizers to a hoard of cannibal raiders. Terry received the honorary Broken Pirate from Old Glory 25's and A log raft from Ainsty Castings. Remember to not feed the wild life.

Special Thanks To

I would like to offer a great deal of appreciation to the staff at Old Glory 25's who for the past two years have been kind enough to donate to our events hundreds of  figures that were simply given to the players just for signing up and playing our game. The donations originated without solicitation from our crew as a way of promoting well crafted convention games in the public eye. Russ and Connie, thank you for your contributions from both the players and our crew. For anyone who follows our blog visit Old Glory25's sometime.       

Thank you to Laser Dream Works a craftier of fine laser cut wooden ship models that has donated fine models as bonus prizes for two years running. Thanks Matt for both playing in our game and encouraging people to build fine ships to sail on our waters.

My personal thanks go out to Duane and Nick at recruits for their hospitality.
My crew:  Tim McCullum, Matt & Kayla Haase, Cody & Alex Dillen, Steve & David Hobbs, A man called Thor, "Mad" Zack Daily, Jonah the powder monkey, Casey Haines, Sherron Christian, and Carol Tuttle.  

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  1. Inspiring as always. All those admirable vessels! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wonderful! Looking nice and sympathic...

  3. Hello, Not really a comment but I don't know how else to get in contact with you.

    My name is Ian Hemmings and I'm the secretary of the Nunawading Wargames Association here in Melboutne (Australia). For the past three years we've held a pirate gaming event called Pirates in September. This is a month long series of games which includes a mega game (2012 had 15 captains and crews). I was wondering if it would be possible to add a link to our event on your "Brethren of the Coast" section. We have a facebook Pirates page that it could link to.

    Please feel free to delete this comment. I can be contacted at: ikhemm@iinet.net.au