Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Recruits! Sixteen Miniatures on a Lead Man's Chest.....

Recuits Convention in Lee's Summit, Missouri (USA)

Table Layout for Fist Full of Seamen's "Sixteen Miniatures on a Lead man's Chest."
Eastern Map
Western Map
Lost Island of the Mayans

Settlements and Locations

Port Manteau (English)

Fort Nicanville (French)

Port Culis (Dutch)

The Slaves are revolting!
Brute Alley Tea House

Lost Mayan Temple
What dangers inhabit these dark and foreboding shores?

The Local Wild Life!

Mayan Pyramid

Galleon Beach (Pirates Hideout)

Cannibal Island


Scalawags and Sea Rovers

Best Seafaring Career

Captain Ken claimed the most Doubloons scoring him the title of best Captain's Career. For this he claimed a Prize Sloop and an Old Glory Army card subscription.

For loosing the Dutch Port to Chinese Pirates without a shot fired, worst career goes to this young lad who was awarded this honorary pool floaty and another Old Glory Army subscription.

Credit Where Credit Be Owed:
Gracious Hosts at
Lee's Summit High School (LSHS)
Duane Fleck and Nick Wilkowski
Creator: Scott "Mutiny! Mr."Christian
Set Design and Photography: Steve "Quarter Master" Hobbs
Rule clarification and assistant GM: Cody "Keeper of the Code" Dillon
Costumes by Sherron"Pins and Needles" Christian
Pirate Art Work By Stacy "Paintchik" Klinger
Generous Prizes Provided by :


  1. It all looks excellent, well done indeed.

  2. Aye'd have given my left hook to have played. Fantastic!
    thanks for the inspiration!

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  4. Wonderful looking game - very inspiring! I hope you don't mind me using a part of one photo for a link to you at my blog Wargaming.info? keep up the fantastic work.

  5. War gaming only grows by sharing our ideas and resources. Please feel free to link and barrow photos. Please credit the creators of the game, Cody Dillon, Steve Hobbs and C.S.Christian.

  6. Cheers CH - I have added an appropriate note with that info to my post & link to here, and also added a link to the main OSG Recruits convention page as well... :)

  7. Recruits is an outstanding convention. It deserves all the support our community (gaming) can give them. $5 admission fee, promotes gaming to the youth, inexpensive food, not sure if there are even fees for the vendors....
    Hats of to Duane Fleck for his efforts.

  8. Indeed CH - we have a similar event here in Auckland, NZ, each year: BattleCry.

  9. You guys did a excellent game hope to see you in the spring