Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reef Raft

Only a destitute sailor would brave the tumultuous moods of the Caribbean on nothing more than a little lashed wood.
These waters are full of desperate Seamen.


  1. very nice...
    I feel suddenly alone.

  2. I only recently discovered your blog. Very nice work indeed. The raft is just so cute! I couldnt think of another word for it!
    Couple of questions - do you find the sails on the ships interfere with gameplay?; moving figures on deck etc? I have just about finished my own brig, and am at the stage of what to do about the sails & rigging.
    Also, what effect did you use to create the sea?

  3. Scott;
    I just posted ocean creation info here:
    It is really easy if you can get the panels.
    The sails? A little but I like the way they look. I made them out of plastic sheets so they are rugged enough to take some abuse. The bigger games we play don't require individual figure movement on the deck. So it hasn't been a problem. The rules we use are scalable from man to man duels to broadside actions.

    Best comment yet. Brilliant.

    More to come. Are you ever going to make it across the pond to play?