Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Sunday, July 9, 2023

The sloop "Dog"

The Infamous pirate "Black Dog" before sailing with Captain Flint and John Silver made quite a name on the high seas in the unimaginatively christened sloop "Dog". Ruthless and cruel, a man nary stray from his duty before the mast less he be flailed for the captain's entertainment or so it is told. Truth be known the floating hulk reeks of burning hemp line and cheap rum and despite the tales spun about this Jamaican sloop no one can recall the last prize she took. As of late she has made birth at the Merry Caye harbor of the proclaimed pirate king and despite requests by the Island to anchor down windward, she has been stocking up for a voyage the crew has been keeping mum about, Focsle-shizzle.     

"Is that a Canadian Ship?"

Builders notes: This is the other configuration of the FireLock 18th century Sloop. This is a much simpler Bermuda/Jamaican sail plan with minimal modifications: polystyrene sails, magnetic ratlines, removable flags to strike colors. I also lowered the Boom sail for ascetic value.  I couldn't help the theme, it was low hanging fruit for a pun. It also rounds out 38 ships for the convention in Oklahoma City next week.