Our Game is a Handful.

Our Game is a Handful.

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Chiquita Tartana


The Chiquita Tartana is a proud little craft of the Spanish merchant marine tasked with moving coca beans from Cartagena to exchange for tobacco in Santiago. Her north to south sojourn makes use of her Lateen sale rig, perfect for the trade wind that remain predominately beam reach through the trip. Recently missionaries in Rio de Hacha have began growing bananas in the new world, which have brought bonus profit to captain Plátano who throws in a couple of bunches to boost profits in the West Indies. La Chiquita has become well known as the Banana Boat of Santiago.        
This little ship is another product of FireLock Games', Blood & Plunder Line. The Tartana is a plain little kit with a lot of potential not all included in the box. With a few dowels, some toothpicks, cheap jewelry rings and wax string this kit can become a work of art. Firelock's 28mm ship line is the most extensive in selection in the gaming industry and a great start to pimp-a-ship. 

I seriously Up-Gunned this Boat to 10 cannon. this also provides a good view of the "Dog Head" suspending the anchor line.

The tiller on the Tartana was a bit awkward and not practical to work with.
 I wanted the rudder to look mechanically feasible so I constructed this.  
Hand made belaying pin racks.
The brace for the mast is a common 
Mediterranean mechanism
 to shift the mast fore and aft. 

Home made "Dead Eyes" really jazz up the rigging.
Spanish Ensign is removable to strike colors. 

I used magnets and steel wire to attach the flag.